Aviation Oxygen Hydrostatic Cylinder Testing

Empire Cylinder can perform DOT Hydrostatic testing of your portable aviation Oxygen cylinders. We test Ski Ox, Airox, Air-King and all other portable aviation oxygen tanks. Ship us your cylinders and we’ll turn them around in 2 days. Fly high, save Avgas! Get that portable O2 system out of the closet and start using it again!

Empire Cylinder proudly tests Aviation Oxygen cylinders for the US Military

We offer Hydrostatic testing of on board aircraft O2 cylinders. Have your mechanic remove and ship us your bottle. Andrew has been an A&P mechanic since 1985 and will perform every Aviation Oxygen cylinder Hydro test personally. We know aluminum, steel, and fiber wound aviation cylinders. We have the proper equipment to test them and the correct low stress stamps to mark your cylinder with. Don’t risk your expensive, certified O2 cylinder by letting Bubba’s nephew test it behind the fire extinguisher store.

At Empire Cylinder, we test clean gas and breathing air tanks only.

There is zero possibility of contaminating the tanks you and your passengers depend on. We never deal with fire extinguisher dry chemical powder or industrial gasses or liquids. Let a trained aviation mechanic handle your bottle and maintain it’s flight-worthy condition.

At Empire Cylinder, we speak Aviation.
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