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Edgewater, Florida 32132

Empire Cylinder Offers Hydrostatic Cylinder Testing by an Expert in the Aviation Field

Empire Cylinder is a Volusia County-based D.O.T. Certified cylinder requalifier. We serve customers throughout the Central Florida area, including DeLand, Daytona Beach, Titusville, and New Smyrna Beach. When selecting a company to perform crucial hydrostatic testing on your O2 cylinders, we know you have choices. So, why choose Empire Cylinder for your hydrostatic testing needs?


At Empire Cylinder, we have an advantage on other hydrostatic testing centers in the Daytona Beach area. Our co-owner, Andrew Roth, is a trained aerospace mechanic with decades of experience working at Kennedy Space Center. Andrew personally performs all of our aviation oxygen cylinder testing. In his spare time, he is an avid scuba diver. When looking for a center to test your portable oxygen tanks, wouldn’t you feel more comfortable knowing that your cylinders are being tested by an expert in the aviation field–as well as a diving enthusiast? Hydrostatic testing isn’t just a job for Andrew – it’s part of his way of life.

Guaranteed Purity

We guarantee that your O2 cylinders will remain free of contaminants – we never deal with dry chemical powder (such as that found in fire extinguishers) or with industrial gasses or liquids. We know how important it is to preserve the purity of your aviation or scuba oxygen tanks.

Whether you’re using your portable O2 tank for aviation or scuba-related pursuits, it’s crucial that your tank remain pure and functional. Empire Cylinder is a D.O.T. certified cylinder requalifier, and we specialize in hydrostatic testing for portable aviation oxygen tanks.

Local Advantage

Empire Cylinder is located in Edgewater, FL, and we serve customers in Daytona Beach and surrounding areas, such as New Smyrna Beach, DeLand, and Titusville. We’re located in the midst of aviation and scuba diving central – surrounded by both airfields and beaches.

Our customers know the aviation and scuba fields, and they know that when you’re looking for a qualified technician to perform hydrostatic testing on your O2 cylinders, it doesn’t get better than the expertise that Empire Cylinder offers.

Our knowledge and skill is what sets us apart from the rest, but we also offer:

  • 2 day turnaround on hydrostatic cylinder testing
  • Experience testing aluminum, steel, hoop wrapped and fiber wound aviation cylinders
  • Low-stress stamps for marking your cylinders

Contact Empire Cylinder today to see how we can best serve your hydrostatic testing needs.